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Rules of Let

The basics:


Treat the hall as you would treat your own home.


Clean up before you leave – sweep all floors, mop up any spillages, hoover the committee room floor (if used), clean the kitchen, empty the bins and wipe down any tables used. The recycling and regular bins are located at the entrance to the hall carpark.


All bottles must be taken away by the hirer as the Highland Council refuse collection service no longer takes glass away.


Make sure all internal doors are kept shut (the heating doesn’t work otherwise).

Turn off the urn, hall lights and electric heaters. There is a £50 charge for heaters being left on.


Make sure all windows and external doors, including the fire exit, are closed and locked as you leave.


Return the key to the key safe and scramble the numbers. Loss of the key will be chargeable.


Booking terms


All lets must be booked through the Booking Secretary. All private lets must be paid, in full, prior to the event. Payment may be made by cheque or cash.


The hall must be left in a clean and tidy condition, i.e. floors swept and mopped and in a condition that is suitable for the next user group to use it without the need for additional cleaning. All equipment must be returned to the store and tables and chairs neatly stacked. Crockery, glassware and cutlery must be washed, dried and returned to the appropriate cupboard.


Under Health and Safety legislation the kitchen bin must be left outside the kitchen.


Hirers must clean up cigarette debris left by those attending the event around the hall exterior and take away any bottles and glass for recycling. 


Where the hall is considered to be dirty, an element, or the whole amount of the security deposit may be retained.</stro


Hirers must switch off all lights, shut all windows, ensure that all fire exits are secure and lock all doors on leaving. The cooper bolt on the committee room door must be left in the open position when the hall is empty or not in use for children’s events. The key must be left in the key safe at the end of a booking. The loss of a key will require all locks to be changed, the cost of this at £350 will be the hirer’s liability. Any losses caused by the hall being left unlocked or unsecure, for whatever reason, will be the hirer’s liability.

All hall users will be responsible for carrying out their own risk assessments.

All electrical appliances taken into the hall for the hirer’s use must be PAT tested.

Hirers will be held responsible for compliance with anti-smoking legislation. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the hall.


Hirers will be held responsible for the orderly conduct of all those attending the event and will be held responsible for any damage caused to the hall fabric or its contents. If damage occurs, an element of, or the whole amount of the security deposit may be retained. Any surplus to this to meet costs will be the hirer’s responsibility.

Private functions – names of four trustworthy stewards/parents (aged 25 years or over) who will be present from the start to end of function to ensure the hall is cleared and cleaned, and deal with any inappropriate behaviour, will be required for booking forms. All must sign the booking form as guarantors.

All non-private events if advertised must detail the name of the club/organisation responsible for the event, licence information (if there is to be one) and must state “rights of admission reserved”

Hirers will be responsible for the provision of first aid cover. Hirers must be aware of the location of fire call points and fire extinguishers.

The Trustees / Management Committee reserve the right for one or more of their members to be present at an event.

No intoxicating liquor is allowed in the hall or its grounds without the prior consent of the Trustees / Management Committee.

Under the terms of the Trustees / Management Committee’s Public Entertainment Licence, all events must be held within the time limits detailed below. These times are inclusive of setting up and tidying up time :-

                Sunday to Thursday: - 8.00am until 11:30pm

                Friday: - 8.00 am until 1.00 am Saturday

                Saturday: - 8.00 am until 12.00pm

The Committee will only apply for a Special Licence for the use of the hall out with these times in special circumstances and the cost of this will be borne by the hirer.

Under the terms of the Public Entertainment Licence, the use of the hall by the public for money or monies worth is restricted to Discos, Dances, Musical Performances and Concerts. The number of persons admitted to the hall must not exceed 150 standing or 110 seated.

Hirers are responsible for the provision of their own refreshments. Under Health and Safety legislation any food taken to the hall must be carried in a suitable cool box or bag. If a hirer uses another party to provide food they must ensure that the said party is aware of, and complies with this regulation.

Parking – Hirer’s will be responsible for ensuring that Patrons to the event park safely and appropriately on hall grounds. They must also ensure that that patrons park with due consideration to the hall’s neighbours and that they are not blocking access ways or parking inappropriately at junctions or on the adjoining roadways.

The use of balls inside the hall is not permitted.

The Trustees / Management Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or property in connection with the let of the hall where the loss or damage is caused as a result of negligence or illegal activity on the part of others.

The hall committee recommend that all hirers and bookers ensure they have appropriate public liability insurance cover as this is not included as part of the rental of the hall.

Cancellations: Once a booking is confirmed there will be no refunds. For regular user groups charges will still apply should they decide not to use the hall, for whatever reason, on any of the booked dates.

The decision of the Trustees / Management Committee is final in all disputes.

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